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Jaja walked down the aisle in her stunning gown as Karlo patiently waited with full admiration. He uttered sincerely in the altar, “You’re a duplicate of my mom in so many ways… you gave me a new life, a new perception and a new dream” These “Forever Playmates” entered in a game where there is [...]

Tshomlee and Renee How can a wedding be more romantic than this? This SDE seems like a moving postcard. With a place blessed with tranquility, having mountains, trees, and sounds of the wind and the sea…everything was perfect. It matches Tshomlee’s calm aura and Renee’s serene beauty. Who can ever say that these two are [...]

Ruselle and Corrine The sweetest couple ever! We met a week before their wedding and we were so touched when we found out that they’ve watched all our wedding videos. Being so familiar with all our SDEs mentioning scenes from this wedding to that wedding…?They did a great job in researching:) So in return, we [...]

\ How should a wedding story be perfectly told? With just a usual story of two people that are so much in love? Telling how their eyes show how magnificent love could be? Well, unlike a storybook, this same day edit video was full of different angles telling the different sides of the story. Where [...]

My first videographer groom, Roy, shoots all stuffs, including weddings in Dubai. Now, it’s his turn to button up his suit and excitedly wait for his bride, Candy, to walk down the aisle. The split screens perfectly show how the emotions were captured in different angles. Be ready…see how a wedding tells its own story.

A father had always seen his daughter as his special little girl. A girl with a cute little hand which daddy’s hand held firmly so she can’t let go. For his greatest fear is her to be out of his sight and be hurt. He knows how she should be best protected, cared and loved. [...]

Bridesmaids in pink jersey?! How chic that could be! Watch how Team Ina cheered for their sweet gurl who’s gonna ramp down the aisle to say Yes! And how team Joseph gave their full support to their best buddy who’s going to take it all the way to the next level. This wedding video is [...]

  The Mystery of the Stolen Heart Part 1. Starring: Jason Magbanua and Madge Lejano Derek Yee has been chosen by to do a video for its 3rd yr Anniversary. It’s somewhat like in  a 1950’s theme setting when silent films were a hit. This was a story of two lovers who fell in [...]



High Definition Package:

Full HD (1920x1080p)
Same Day Edit / Onsite Video
20-30 minute Cinematic Highlights
Full video documentation
Raw footages
Media player with storage device
Php 95,000

Same Day Edit Only:

Same Day Edit / Onsite Video
Raw footages
3 DVD copies
Php 75,000

Basic Package:

15-20 minute cinematic highlights
Full video documentation
Raw footages
3 dvd copies of edited video

Premium High Definition Package:

Full HD (1920x1080p)
Same Day Edit / Onsite Video
20-30 minute Cinematic Highlights
Save The Date Prenup Video
Full video documentation
Raw footages
Media player with storage device

All packages include:

4-5 HD cameras – More HD Cameras, More Talented Videographers, More HD Moments.  Moments pass by in seconds and we don’t want to risk not to catch even a single of it. This event only happens once, once missed, you can’t turn it back.

Camera Crane, Glidetrack, Glidecam – CREATIVITY AND ARTISTIC STYLE gives credits to these equipment. Aside from our talents, these equipment helps us in doing various shots and styles to a different angle and unique perspective.
Audio Devices – CLEAR AUDIO MAKES A CLEAN VIDEO. We make it a point that we deliver clear audio by using wireless, top of the line devices.


Php 50,000

Mini Movie – a 4 to 6 minute video of the couple.

A. Love Story - It can be a reflection of your own love story specially made in a cinematic style. You’ll feel like a love team shooting for a feel good movie that was made to be a blockbuster.

B. Concept Driven - You may have prepared a concept or theme for your wedding event that can be in sync on your wedding video. You can send me your inputs and I’ll do the rest of the crafts.

C. Derek Style - Not all couples have ideas or concepts, here comes my Artistic Imagination!

Out of Town Charges:

Tagaytay – P5,000

Baguio – P15,000 + accommodation

Cebu, Boracay, Davao – P15,000 + airfare & accomodation

Note: Rates may increase without prior notice


Contact Info
Derek Yee
Telephone: 02 3478013
Cellphone: 09228401933
Cellphone: 09228401935

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